Sunday, February 11, 2007

I was in a recent WSJ article

As some of you already know there has been a recent article in the WSJ about the social news web sites where users submit the stories. They interviewed many users from Digg, Reddit and a few other sites. I was one of the people they interviewed from Reddit. My name is Adam. I have been on Reddit now for over 7 months. My secret to Reddit is having a good RRS reader that is very fast and efficient. The one I use is Google Reader. It lists your feeds in a very organized way, letting you put them into folders and star them. I browse my feeds once a day, checking almost each and every one of my 150 feeds.

The key to submitting good stories on Reddit is to have good, reliable blogs and news sources. And with a RSS reader you can read them all at once. Under 1 tab.

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