Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tip for blogging: Part 2

Another great tip is if one day you decide that you have something you want to write about. So, you write the post... But lets say you already posted 2 articles today on your blog. In this case you might want to save it as a draft, and then post the next day.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tips for blogging: Part 1

When I first started my blog I never used to comment on anybody else's blogs. But readers of my blog always left comments on my posts. If they had their own blog their name above the comment would link to their blog. I would always click on the ones that had blogs. This would give traffic to their blog.

Nowadays I leave the regular 5-10 comments on other blogs, daily. Ever since then, the traffic coming to my site has increased. I wonder why... :D

Reviewing: John Chow dot Com

I have been a subscriber for his blog now for about one month. Every morning, (including this one) I will check my RSS reader. John Chow dot Com is one of the first blogs I check for updates. This morning I also picked up a copy of the National Post and saw the article about him and his site. So I decided to review his blog.

Let me start off by saying that he is a born blogger. I just recently read his post on the "10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid". That post, and the rest of his blog tips have inspired me to start my own blog. I am also going to have ads on my site, trying to earn money. But like he said, "John Chow dot Com makes money because I don’t blog for money. If the only reason you’re blogging is to get rich, you will fail." I am going to follow what you say, and not only blog for the little bit of money included in it. But for the fact that I love to write. Your blog is great, keep up the good work!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I was in a recent WSJ article

As some of you already know there has been a recent article in the WSJ about the social news web sites where users submit the stories. They interviewed many users from Digg, Reddit and a few other sites. I was one of the people they interviewed from Reddit. My name is Adam. I have been on Reddit now for over 7 months. My secret to Reddit is having a good RRS reader that is very fast and efficient. The one I use is Google Reader. It lists your feeds in a very organized way, letting you put them into folders and star them. I browse my feeds once a day, checking almost each and every one of my 150 feeds.

The key to submitting good stories on Reddit is to have good, reliable blogs and news sources. And with a RSS reader you can read them all at once. Under 1 tab.